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A mattress you’ll love for a price you’ll love even more

The Breksta Oath

"To make quality crafted & luxurious feeling mattresses affordable for everyone by shipping factory direct to your doorstep - passing the savings on to you!”

Premium Cooling Foams

Made in USA, quality tested CertiPUR-US® Certified Foams.

Free Nationwide Shipping

Free & fast shipping, ships within 3-7 business days.

180 Night Sleep Trial

Risk free, money-back guarantee! 180 night sleep trial.

Lifetime Warranty

Your mattress is covered by a lifetime warranty against defects.

Meet Breksta - The Goddess Of Night

The name Breksta is derived from ancient Lithuanian culture and as a figure, she is the night sky goddess of twilight & dreaming - protecting the world until the new dawn rises.
Breksta Mattress seeks to protect consumers from greedy, overpriced mattress companies!
At Breksta we take our experience, and we seek to improve people’s lives through undisturbed sleep - by offering luxury mattresses for less than our market competition.
We do this by factory-direct delivery & economic shipping. We aim to help everyone aspire to be their best, most productive and healthy selves by giving the gift of regenerative and restorative rest. We're here to help you seize each day. Carpe diem!

How it works

Ships Free in 3-7 Business days.

Call 1-866-977-6704 to check stock and pickup your mattress today from our Los Angeles Mattress Store authorized sales dealer or even schedule a white-glove delivery, assembly and removal of your old mattress with them next day!

Or you order now by going through the checkout process on this page below and get it shipped free FedEx to your doorstep, mattresses arrive in a small box for easy delivery and setup. Ships Free in 3-7 business days!

CertiPUR-US Certified Foams

Breksta mattresses are made in the USA without ozone depleters, PBDE’s, TDCPP, mercury or lead or formaldehydes. Certified foams give you the peace of mind that the materials in your sleep environment are quality-tested.

Cool & Breathable Technology

High resiliency, open-cell breathable cooling foam technology allows for continuous airflow & dissipation of heat. Cotton blended fabrics adapt to the environment to keep the mattress surface at the ideal sleeping temperature for deeper sleep.

Adaptive Comfort & Support

Gel memory foam, Float™ & Suspend™ mattress foam provides a feeling of weightlessness. Balances comfort & support & adapts to your body to remove pressure points on the shoulder & hips while lifting up and supporting the lower lumbar back.

Two Amazing Choices of Comfort

Experience weightlessness & cooling with our 10” Medium Firm & 12” Luxury Plush Calypso mattresses - they adapt to your body.

Breksta Calypso 10 Inch Medium Firm Gel Memory Foam Boxed Mattress
Starting at just $399!
Our best priced, firmly supported mattress, great for back and stomach sleepers.

Designed with you in mind, the Breksta Calypso 10" Medium Firm gel memory foam mattress provides a feeling of weightlessness, cooling & contouring comfort by adapting to your body to provide equal parts pressure point relief, spinal support and temperature regulation - no matter what position you sleep in. Great for back & stomach sleepers - Float in bed!

$499 now starting from just $399!

Breksta Calypso 12 Inch Luxury Plush Gel Memory Foam Boxed Mattress
Starting at just $499!
Our slightly softer mattress for side sleepers and people who love a little extra plushness.

Like its sibling but for those who want to graduate into an even more luxurious memory foam bed. It adheres to & hugs every inch of your body. The preferred choice for side sleepers + plush lovers! A mattress that feels like this can sell for up to $2k from other brands. We’re taking luxury, comfort and value to the next level so you can take a load of pressure off!

$599 now starting from just $499!

Rave Reviews

Testimonials from our customers

This is an absolutely fantastic mattress. I cannot recommend it highly enough! Very nice quality feel with enough support for a great sleep. My back and neck have never felt better, in fact I liked it so much I immediately bought another for my son.


Wow, I’m really sleeping much better with no more back or shoulder pains. I really like the comfort features on this bed & it feels like you're floating on the mattress, not too hard or too soft, perfect!


This is an excellent mattress. As somebody with a lot of sleep issues, this mattress is perfect for me in that it's both comfortable as well as just firm enough to provide good support. I highly recommend this mattress to anybody that is looking for a new bed!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Love where you sleep

Which Breksta Calypso Mattress is right for me?

We recommend the Calypso 10” inch Medium Firm Mattress if you sleep in many positions such as your back, side, stomach and are comfortable on a medium-firm mattress. The Calypso 10” inch supports your back but also relieves pressure-point areas such as your shoulder & hips.

We recommend the Calypso 12” inch Luxury Plush Mattress if you sleep a lot on your side. Our 12” inch model is good for stomach and back sleeping too, so if you like a slightly softer, or plusher bed that still gives great support, we find the 12” really gives that extra cushion side sleepers love on their side. It really takes the pressure of your weight off of your shoulder & hips while side sleeping. Or if you love a luxury plush mattress or slightly softer sleeping experience, go with our Calypso 12” inch mattress.

When can I expect to receive my Breksta Mattress?

Your Breksta mattress will ship within 3-7 business days via Fedex. We receive tracking info once it has been shipped from one of our distribution centers and will provide the tracking number after shipping so you can trace it and know when it's arriving. Feel free to email any questions to and we can provide tracking information.

Breksta Logo Disclaimer

Brekstas logo is not printed or embroidered on the mattress.

Can I sleep on my Breksta Mattress right away?

Yes! After receiving and unpacking your Breksta Mattress, you can sleep on it right away! Since your bed has been compressed please allow "UP-TO" 72 hours for the mattress to fully fill-in and settle into its final firmness & height, but it mostly will expand fully in minutes! Also, jump in - it can be slept on immediately after unboxing.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, through Klarna, you can apply at checkout - or even slice-it in 4 easy payments for no charge & no credit check!

What is the 180 night sleep trial?

One of the best parts about choosing a Breksta mattress is the fact that you can try it in your home for up to 180 days from the date that it arrives at your door, completely risk free. After testing it for 30 days (because your body needs to adjust to the new mattress), if you're not sleeping great then contact us at and we have some nifty hacks, solutions, can provide a topper, or even an exchange in some cases. But, in any event you have a 100% money back guarantee if we can't find you the optimal solution. Only a tiny fraction of people return their Breksta mattress, so we are pretty confident that you'll love it. In any event, we want to give you adequate time to make your decision without pressure so you can experience the luxurious feel of a Breksta for yourself!

How does the lifetime mattress warranty work?

All Breksta mattresses come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty for the full period of the original owner’s use / ownership. The warranty is only valid for the original owner who retains proof of purchase starting from the purchase date. It protects the original owner from faulty craftsmanship or materials, such as deterioration causing the mattress to have a visible indentation greater than one inch (1.5”) that is not associated with improper support resulting from the foundation or support system under the mattress. The mattress cannot be soiled or stained or show signs of abuse, as that will void the warranty.

What Does Breksta mean?

The name Breksta is derived from ancient Lithuanian culture and as a figure, she is the night sky goddess of twilight & dreaming - protecting the world until the new dawn rises.

Are the foams in Breksta mattress products certified?

Yes, we value quality tested materials in our products - so all of our foams are CertiPUR-US® Certified foams. CertiPUR-US® is a third party, independent agency that certifies the foams we use are: Made without ozone depleters, Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants, Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals, Made without formaldehyde, Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million).

How do Breksta Calypso mattresses regulate temperature better than other mattresses on the market?

All the foams we use are open cell and breathable so they allow airflow. Plus our Breksta cool gel memory foam dissipates heat. Your body will be amazed with Breksta's temperature regulating materials!

I am a light sleeper and my partner moves a lot. How are the Breksta Calypso mattresses on motion transfer?

Great question! The foam in the Calypso mattresses from Breksta practically eliminate the motion of a partner so you can rest through the night without being disturbed.

Do Breksta mattresses work on adjustable bases?

Absolutely! All of our mattresses are designed to work perfectly with adjustable bases and any frame really with widespread support at least every 4 inches.

What are the dimensions of your mattresses?

We use standard US sizes and our Calypso models come in either 10” or 12” heights or thicknesses. Here are the individual dimensions of each the sizes Breksta mattresses are available in:

Twin 75"L X 39"W / Twin XL 80"L X 39"W / Full 75"L X 54"W / Full XL 80"L X 54"W / Queen 80"L X 60"W / King 80"L X 76"W / Cal King 84"L X 72"W

Note: Your mattress is a “soft good” meaning since it is made with comfy foams and fabrics, there can be a small variance not usually more than an inch or so on the measurements above (margin of error is usually under standard sizes above). This is normal to allow space within your frame and won't affect the comfort of your bed at all if it occurs.

What’s the weight capacity for the Breksta Calypso mattresses?

The Calypso mattresses are designed to support an individual’s weight up to 300 lbs on a Twin, or double that on 2 sleeper mattress sizes.

Why should I choose Breksta Mattress over all other brands?

We love that question because the answer defines who we are and our culture: Advanced & Luxurious Sleep Products, Balanced Comfort & Support & Affordable Pricing. The Breksta oath is to make luxury mattresses affordable for everyone. We believe we offer the most cutting edge, luxurious feeling and advanced sleep systems in the areas of comfort and support, for the best price. With quality tested, made-in-the-USA materials, Breksta’s manufacturing designs and materials are always state of the art and never overpriced.

Risk FREE Trial

If you’re not completely satisfied with your Breksta Mattress we offer a full refund for up to 180 days after your mattress arrives. Now that’s peace of mind!
In the low probability your Breksta® mattress just isn't working out after the initial, minimum trial period of 30 days, all the way up to the 180th day after delivery confirmation and we weren't able to help you find the optimal sleep solution, we can refund your money in full.