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Finding the Best Temperature for Sleeping is No Longer a Farfetched Dream

June 18, 2019

How to sleep coolerSummer weather is upon us, which means finding the best temperature for sleeping becomes much more difficult. Many of us struggle between sweaty nights of mediocre sleep and the temptation to adjust the thermostat. This battle usually ends the same way – blasting the AC and overpaying the electric company.

Fortunately, beating the heat without emptying your wallet is possible. Prepare to finally get some restful sleep as we search for better conditions, avoiding those unwanted slumber sweats. Here are our go-to pre-bedtime rituals to find your best temperature for sleeping.

The Ideal Sleep Temperature

Set nest thermostatThe first path to travel when searching for a serene snooze is the most obvious—knowing the best temperature for your body. According to the Sleep Doctor, when your bedroom is set somewhere around 65 degrees, thermoregulation is ready to proceed at a normal rate and thus, sleep begins. Of course there are is caveat here—not everyone can afford to consistently keep their bedroom at a comfortable 65 degrees.

Unwind With a Shower or bath

Cooling off in a bathFor those eco-friendly and cost-conscious sleepers, there are other ways of reaching that ideal sleep temperature. Taking a lukewarm shower at night is an easy way to prepare your body for sleep. You may ask, “why not a cold shower?” Dousing yourself under a rush of cold water may cool down your body, but the sympathetic nervous system is essentially shocked. This forces you to stay up longer than desired. The same is true for hot showers, as they also shock your body while increasing its temperature. Opting for the calming effects of a warm shower (or bath), is the right move.


A Comfortable Cool

One of the most important long-term factors to consider is choosing a proper mattress for your body. Picking a bed with proper airflow will allow your body to find the best temperature for sleeping naturally. While mattress technology has dramatically improved in recent years, none combine effectiveness and cost-consciousness better than our Calypso Mattresses. We at Breksta designed our Calypso bed with comfort and quality as our first priority. Our cool-gel open-cell memory foam technology and temperature regulating outer layer™ help our customers sleep cooler every night.

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