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How to Stop Snoring (and keep your partner sane!)

June 18, 2019

How to stop snoring

It’s the middle of the night. You are sound asleep when suddenly, you get wacked in the head by your spouse. “You’re snoring again,” they yell. Waking up to a smack on the head by is not the most pleasant feeling in the world. But imagine how everyone else in the house feels! They have to endure the reverberating thunder of your beastly snore. It’s time to get help—for their sake if nothing else. Here are three helpful methods on how to stop snoring:

Sleeping On Your Side


Stop snoringAt Breksta, we advocate for proper and healthy sleeping postures. We’re looking at you back sleepers! As we’ve mentioned in the past, sleeping on your back is arguably the healthiest position for your posture. However, it is not suitable for those who have suffer from nasal and sinus issues like asthma, frequent infections, or even a deviated septum. Sleeping on your back naturally collapses the tissue of your throat. When combined with sinus problems or even weight issues, you’re in for a night full of vibration and irritation. It requires practice, but training yourself to sleep on your side may do wonders for your snoring issue.

Losing Weight


Losing weightFiguring out how to stop snoring is a multi-solution problem, but not all options are one-size-fits-all. Another avenue to explore involves dieting and exercise. As mentioned above, weight may contribute to snoring issues. Not only does fat surrounding the neck area add excess pressure on one’s throat, but fat around the torso actually pushes up on the diaphragm, which disrupts breathing patterns. This is not a how-to on diet and exercise, but doing so may help promote snore-less nights in your home.

Using a Mouth Piece

Snoring mouthpieceThe two methods of snoring prevention discussed so far both involve controllable variables—sleeping posture and weight loss. However, certain aspects of life cannot be changed. As you age, your muscles get weaker, including those of your mouth and throat increasing the likelihood of developing a snoring problem. If in dire need of a solution, an anti-snoring mouthpiece may help. These technically designed pieces are specifically designed for snorers as they push the jaw forward which in turn, clears the user’s airway.


Now that you know how to stop snoring, it’s also important to check your pillow for appropriate head, neck, and throat support. Our Talalay Latex Natural Foam Core Pillow is a light-weight pillow option that comfortably cradles your head. The equal distribution of weight from your head and neck helps open up your throat at night as a result, which also promotes snore prevention.

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