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How to Fall Asleep Faster: Relieving Stress, Anxiety, and Calming the Mind

June 17, 2019

how to fall asleep

How often is it that you find yourself lying awake in bed just wishing that you’d fall asleep? It’s annoying, to say the least, especially when you have a long day ahead of you that requires energy and focus. The good news – getting to sleep can totally be hacked and you can teach yourself how to fall asleep faster!

A 2018 study at the University of Pennsylvania found that about 25% of Americans experienced acute insomnia every year, citing difficulties falling asleep anywhere from three consecutive nights per week for two weeks up to three months. About 75% of these people recovered without any persistent issues, which shows that sleep is something that can be found – you just need to go looking for it.

While different regimens work for different types of people, there are some methods that are widely known to promote restful sleep. Here are our top three hacks on how to fall asleep faster:

Unplug Yourself

Unplug your computer

Let’s not lie to ourselves – the ridiculous majority of us sleep with our phones right next to our beds because why the heck not? While some of us may have self control, phone usage while trying to fall asleep, more specifically the light from the screen, tricks the brain into staying awake longer. Light promotes wakefulness. Scientifically, our retinas have photoreceptors that sense light and dark of our surroundings, signaling to our brains the status of the outside world and aligning our circadian rhythms to the day-night cycle. By our phones emitting light, our brains think it’s still day time, causing us to stay awake and losing precious hours of needed sleep. Instead of googling “how to fall asleep faster” from your bed, just put the phone down.

Mind Your Temperature

Sleep temperature

The recommended temperature for optimal sleeping conditions should be in between 60˚-67˚F. As we try to fall asleep, our internal body temperature also drops to help initiate sleepiness. Warmer environments may deter this from happening, so the best things to do right before bed are cracking a window or setting the thermostat to a lower temperature. Despite this lower temperature, covering your feet or hands may also aid in falling asleep. Socks often make more of a difference than other articles of clothing when regulating sleep temperature.  

Find the Comfort Zone

It seems simple, but finding the most comfortable position and products could help put you right out. At Breksta, we realized people wanted to learn how to fall asleep faster and needed a mattress to comfort back, side, and all-around sleep positions. Our Calypso mattresses are made with buoyant, no-sink Float Foams™ to adapt and support bodies for optimal pressure point relief. This technology also reduces motion transfer so sleep partners remain undisturbed. The open-cell and cool gel memory foam technology also allows for continuous airflow and dissipation of heat to regulate body temperature throughout the night until the only sound is you asleep.

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