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How to Stop Nightmares: Saying goodbye to those fearful nights

June 18, 2019

how to stop nightmaresThey may be short-lived, but for the split second you experience one, they’re frightening and even devastating. We’re talking about nightmares. From an innocent encounter with personal boogiemen, thoughts of falling, teeth rotting, a loved one dying, or even post-traumatic memories, nightmares take away from one’s quality of sleep. If you’re wondering how to stop nightmares, unfortunately, no definitive, clinical cure exists. With that said, some common methods exist to help ease the mind right before bedtime. Here is a helpful guide on how to stop nightmares using preventative measures.


Relaxation Through Meditation

Relaxatio through meditationMeditation has been a commonly used and recommended by psychologists for patients who struggle with severe anxiety for years. Because issues with nightmares and night terrors stem from pent up anxiety, forms of meditation like mindfulness can help clear the head of any and all thoughts and lower heart rate. Pour yourself a warm cup of tea, put on some soothing, ambient music and meditate away.

Keep Dreams—Dreams

Franklin D. Roosevelt once famously said that “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Roosevelt's words have transcended decades and generations, and for good reason. Without minimizing trauma or any other genuine fears, it is important to live life without dwelling on the horrors of the world. On the same note, when a nightmare occurs, try to distinguish reality from the vivid terror of the bad dream. When you quickly recognize the illusion of a dream from reality, the impact that a nightmare can have will be lessened. Remember, a dream is a dream and a nightmare is just a nightmare.

Write Them Down

Stop having nightmaresEach method mentioned so far are all associated with how one processes daily stress and the anxiety of bad dreams themselves. Keeping a dream journal is a very common practice for reflecting and analyzing subconscious thoughts that occur in dreamland. Similarly, writing down a nightmare immediately after waking up is a great way to navigate and think deeply through your own stress and anxiety that manage to seep out when you sleep.

These are all helpful tips and tricks if you’re wondering how to stop nightmares. If you are not sleeping comfortably, think about exploring other options as well. Breksta believes in whole-body wellness, and that includes your ability to sleep throughout the night with peace of mind. To help ease your troubled dreams, we offer pressure relief with our Calypso Medium Firm bed and Brushed Microfiber sheets that soothe with your skin with a mere touch. This combination (and many others throughout our store) is the perfect formula to achieve that restful night’s sleep without a single nightmare in sight.

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